We have two stages: a small one shoehorned into the goldfish bowl that is the window beside the entrance to Dog with Two Tails; and a larger one that would squeeze a close-knit, seven-piece band or the ego of one decent-sized opera singer.

The stage in the Dog (there’s enough space in there to squeeze a drum kit in behind).

The stage in the Dog (there’s enough space in there to squeeze a drum kit in behind).

The stage at Bark! allows the drummer to join the rest of the band.

The stage at Bark! allows the drummer to join the rest of the band.

Music at Bark!

Depending on their dancing style, the room starts getting tight at around 85 people. Bark! has an intimate feel about it and musicians love the energy of the space and the people who get into it.

The stage is 3.65m at the front, is 2.08m deep, and 210mm high. A decent sized drum kit will comfortably leave space for four more people and their modest-sized instruments.

There are 4 power sockets on either side of the stage and two more in the front.


Sound mixing system

We have a choice of two mixers, Behringer XR18 with a possible 16 channels, operated by iPad or Computer, or a manual Soundcraft Spirit E6 mixer desk with a possible 6 channels. You can use whichever you’re comfortable with.

To familiarise yourself with the XR18 mixer inputs, please see this.

We have an iPad that you can use with the mixer software installed. If you’d like to run it off your own computer, you can download the software here.

To familiarise yourself with the X-Air edit program to drive the XR18, download the manual here.



Main speakers

We have two 1200W dB Opera 12 speakers mounted on either side of the stage. These speakers are powered and have asymmetric horns, chosen to get a better throw of sound across the room. They are more than powerful enough for the size of the room and we ask you to restrain yourselves when deciding on the levels.



We have two Wharfedale Titan 8 monitors mounted on tripods on either side of the stage. These are powered and can be manually adjusted at the back or adjusted by the mixer. If you're getting feedback, they are most likely turned up too high.

In addition, we have a centre monitor that is completely pointless, but it's there if you'd like your knees to feel some vibrations.

The Dog's speakers

We have two passive speakers in the bar next door. These are connected to the XR18 mixer and can be included if necessary. We usually only use speakers in both rooms at the same time for Quiz Nights, but the option is there.



We have two Shure Beta 58A microphones with stands.

Music stands

We have one music stand and a couple of guitar hangers that you may use.

Cup holders

There are a few cup holders mounted around the stage so you can safely locate your drink.

Music between sets

To play music between sets you can either use a 3.5mm jack to play your music contraption or connect by wifi to the XR18.

Sound absorption panels

Sound echo isn't a major issue in the room, especially once full of clothed audience members. We have mounted sound absorption panels on the most reflective walls in case of empty room or naked revellers.

Recording your show

You can record the show using a USB connection to get up to 16 channels. To record you’ll need a computer and a DAW. We might be able to record the gig for you, but you’ll need to let us know in advance.


We have two 4bar Tri washes. One mounted each side of the stage. These can be controlled by foot switch, set to shine the colour of your desire, set to react to sound, or programmed into scenes for a show. We use Luminar 3 to programme the light scenes.

Green room

There's a small room 3.16m x 1.68m dedicated to equipment storage, changing costumes, phone charging, and make-up. There are plenty of bars mounted for hanging clothes. Please remember to take all your kit with you when you leave.

Payment and ticketing

Some people actually want to get paid for playing music. If you’re one of those, we have a few options depending on how much work you need us to do or whether you want to ticket your show. Please contact our events manager here for information.

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