Dog with two tails

Live music ● Killer coffee ● Legendary crêpes

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We have a dedicated room for functions and live music.


Live music ● Killer coffee ● Legendary crêpes

The Dog is the best place to fill yourself with crêpes, great coffee, craft beers, and to listen to some talented musicians.

By day, it’s a crêperie with a hornby train running around the cafe and all sorts of curios decorating the walls. The coffee is pretty damn decent and our food display is stocked by none other than a cabinet minister.

In the evening, it’s a howff where you can relax with your mates or enjoy the entertainment. We near as always have an event on from quiz nights, to open mic night, jazz and local or visiting talented musicians. We have two stages: one in the cafe and the other in Bark!, our dedicated venue for music and functions.

Legendary Crêpes

We have 14 great crêpes to choose from. If you think you can do better, you can design your own.

Flaming Crepe.png

Forged over fires in France, batter squeezed from the Brest of Brittany, spread over hot plates becoming les crêpes.

We took this noble cuisine, a son of Brittany, added some truly terrible puns, to give you  our crêpe menu. And it’s a beaut.

Take, for example, the Appley Ever After, which is a pouch of sautéed appley goodness mixed up with salted butter caramel that pretends to be healthy for you, but is merely delicious. Invented by the son of a Mr Tell who, fed up with his head in the target zone, used a crêpe as a bag to suspend apples under a tree.

Or the Oh Crêpe!, which should be a disaster, but is a satisfying combination of free-range ham, egg (laid by happy hens), cheese (aged by happy humans), caramelised onions and the obligatory green salad at the side. Invented by a druid in gaul who used this combination of wild boar and egg and cheese to cause the Romans to siesta leaving  their fortifications unguarded. The clever Romans added the onions to counteract the soporific effects of the ham, cheese and egg. Et voila, a new crêpe was born!

The team

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Gaetan Loiseau

Kitchen Manager

Gaetan hails from Brittany and is a trained crêpier (they take crêpes very seriously in Brittany). He worked for Crepes a-go-go in Wellington and Dunedin and now brings his crêpe talent to the Dog.

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Meagan Sutherland

Cafe Manager

Meagan has spent 7 years working in cafes including Wishbone, Thunderbird, Strictly Coffee and the Dog for a year before becoming manager. She is the kind of person I’d want beside me walking into battle.