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Hey! We're the Dog with Two Tails. We're a cool little bar and music venue in the almost-center of Dunedin that hosts shows of all kinds where you can actually connect with the performers. Here's our tale (tail, if you will)...


We took the opportunity during the lockdowns to focus on the things we really cared about: we wanted to be an easy-going, fun, and eclectic bar for the community that really supports the local music & arts scene. We built a whole new venue space that really focused on music and show quality, crafted a new online image so we could better promote our artist friends, re-designed our menu so it was more inclusive and a heck of a lot tastier, and re-focused everyone on our team from management to the social media crew on who we want to be. 

And we're pretty doggone proud of it! Come on by our bar side and you'll find a home for the social, the people who love to share stories and make friends. Over on the venue end, we let artists use our stage for free so performers of all levels can find their audience and support themselves through gigs. And on the back-end, we're working on sustainability and pushing for policy changes at the city level so the Dunedin Sound can come back stronger than ever.

And that's us! Reach out below if you want to pick our brains a little, but other than that we'll be happier than a dog with two tails to see you next time you pop in. 

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25 Moray Place, Dunedin, New Zealand

admin@dogwithtwotails.co.nz  |  Tel: 03-477-4188

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