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The Mentalist Collective: KOHA entry

After a long time of separation, years in fact, The Mentalist Collective are excited and relieved to be back in the arms of one of their favourite venues; The Dog With Two Tails.

The separation has seen the evolution of old songs into an EP called "Mandala", as well as the birth of a wide variety of new and exciting tunes.

The Mentalist Collective are a group of 5 songwriters based in Dunedin, New Zealand. Their music is inspired from traditional to modern folk, country, pop and rock music with a rich depth of harmony and experimental instrumentation. The influence of all members create a wide variety of musical styles from simple acoustic melodies to full bodied rock songs. Known for regularly interchanging instrumentation, and even blindfolding their audience, the Mentalist Collective is a musical experience not to be missed.