Stage Secrets

In our efforts to accommodate every act, performance, and artist in our venue we've built ourselves one decked-out little stage. Here are some fun features you'll get to play with when you play a gig with us:

Oscar LaDell


We specially designed our new lighting set-up to reduce shadows so you can get the dreamiest, publicity-worthy photos of you on the stage. But the lights you choose is up to you! For the party people, we have moving head spotlights and laser derby effects. There’s also a simple spot for the intimate solo performer and their guitar/poetry/hand-puppet.


We have a number of lighting presets for you to choose from that our team can help set. 


Our new stage was built with two isolated acoustic walls on both sides and a sound absorbing semi-dome above that turn it into a speaker cone, projecting waves to the audience and making sound balancing a breeze.

We've also got Opera house speakers and sub-woofers as well as monitors set up as standard. The house mixer is a XR-18 and can be controlled using the X-Air app on Mac PC, iPad or Android.

Travel with your own sound setup? That’s fine, plenty of touring bands bring their own kit. We won't judge you for being accomplished.

The Wendys (Kea Photos)
 Mariam Salie (Kea Photos)

Our stage works for everyone from the solo indie artist to the high-flying pole dancers.


We can set you up with a drum riser and two amp stands should you want them. There’s also a projector with both VGA and HDMI connections that can project your image or video of choice onto a screen at the back of the stage.

If you like a seated audience, we have around 60 chairs that will squeeze into the venue. If you'd rather them dancing, the venue is set up with an air-conditioner and a fan to keep your audience jiving and happy.


extra perks

We have a green room behind the stage where you can store your equipment before the show, get changed in between acts, or hide from your adoring fans post-show. 

Our dedicated events manager,  Michael Morris, will guide you through the set-up, tear-down, and get all the little details we need to help promote your show on our socials, free of charge. 

And not only is the use of our venue free, but we make sure you've got energy with a drink or food voucher to share amongst your performing crew.

7 Layer Dip.jpg
Lucky N.7 Platter (Nakita Marx Photography)