Bark! said the Dog

We’ve chosen a winner for the naming of the space next door. There were a lot of great suggestions, mostly Dog related (Wag-wag, The Kennel, Bow Wow, Dog Box/House, Cerberus, Puppy love, Off the Leash, Unleashed, the Tail End, The Kennel Club, Orthrus, Hair of the Dog, Strays), but the cat fans also scratched their way in there with Catnip, Scratching Post, Cat o’ Nine Tails, Where Cats Meow, The Cat’s Whiskers, On a Hot Tin Roof. Manx cat suggestions implied that the Dog’s second tail came from a cat. Louis Freeman had a thing for mice with 19 mouse-related suggestions and a report of a missing handbag. Maybe the handbag had the cheese in it.

There were a heap of homonyms with Tail Too, Tale of Two Dogs, Tale of Two Halves, Tell A Tail ... or Two, Next Dog, Waggin' Wheel, The Watering Bowl; the logical Two Dogs Two Tails from Pania Throp; the obscene Mutts Nuts (which is actually the name of the company that runs the business) and The Dog’s Bollocks. The more obscure suggestions were: The Eel on Moray, Electric Eel (we’re on Moray Place), cù  (Scottish Gaelic for Dog), Sirius business.

Stephen Kerr pointed out that we really don’t need a new name as it was split into a “Grooving Tail’ and a ‘Sustenance Tail.” I don’t think he’s wrong, but we just got bored of referring to the space next door as the space next door. Speaking of which there were quite a few suggestions of Outer Space.

Suggestions that made me laugh were Unfenced Pool, Quinn Hardie suggested YKWYDTTID - You Know What You Did To That Innocent Dog, Waggin' Wheel. Tahu MacKenzie’s suggestions of BOW WOW and The Love Club.

My favourites were: Scratching Post, Unleashed, Spotty Dog (I used to have a Colour Sergeant who said this all the time), The Kurī Club (great alliteration), Who Let the Dog Out?, Sound Pound, Quick Fox, Sub Woofer, and the Dog Box - I enjoy the idea that musicians would play and return to their partners after a late gig in the Dog Box. My favourites and the suggestions showed a strong bias towards the canine. Bark! was chosen by the team at the Dog.

Next door is mostly about the music. Woof, howl, and bow wow are also decent onomatopoeic words for the sound that a dog makes. However, bark feels like a dog that has done with the howling, yowling, woofing and is ready to bark with style and confidence. It’s the kind of Dog I’d want to come and listen to, so Bark! it is.

Willem van Buskirk suggested bark. We’re going with that, but making it an exclamation with the mark, like my fourth favourite place name, Westward Ho!

It was a lot of fun going through all the suggestions. I love how witty Dunedinites are and how much fun people had naming the space. Thank you!

Michael WilsonComment