Nobody's Fool and what's happening next door

Nobody’s Fool

You might have noticed that the bookcase has moved and behind where it was it is the entrance to what was Preservation Society. The space is currently being used for an art display of artist Brendan Bransgrove. The show is called Nobody’s Fool and will be on until next Saturday. The art is subversive and aims to show the picture behind the picture. You can get in to the exhibit through the hole in the wall at the Dog.


Next door

We’re in the process of getting our alcohol licence extended to cover next door, which should come through any day now. Once that happens we’ll be doing some work to make it the ideal space for small gigs. This includes a much better sound system, sound absorption panels everywhere and dropping half of the mezzanine to make a stage area.

Music evenings are a huge part of the reason why the Dog exists and we’re looking to push that now with the space next door. But the '“space next door” really doesn’t have a good ring to it. So, we’ve launched a wee competition to give the space a name. You’ll find it on our facebook or instagram (links to those through those little icons at the footer of the page) with this photo:


There have been some great ideas coming through for names - Dunedinites seem to be especially good at wordplay. Many dog-themed names and some cat lovers are weighing in to redress the canine-feline balance, heaps of plays on tail/tale. Get in there to give us your brilliant idea for a name!

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