New Tapas and Evening Crêpes Menu

Our kitchen manager, Gaetan, has been working on a tapas menu that starts at 2pm Tuesday-Saturday. You can see the tapas and evening crêpe menus on the menu page.

The tapas menu has a cheese platter featuring four Evansdale cheeses: smoked brie, cumin seeds, pepper corn and blue.

Cheese platter.jpg

There’s a dips platter with pesto, hummus, lavosh (a crisp Middle-Eastern flatbread), our own baguette, olive oil and, my favourite, dukkah.

As well as the tapas menu, we’ve also introduced evening crêpes, which are simply the sweet crêpes from our current menu. The idea is that you can have a meal from our cabinet or front eh tapas menu and finish it off with a dessert. You can find all three menus here.

Michael WilsonComment