Bark! has been used as a function space for parties, dinners, book launches, workshops, and a lecture space. Attached to the Dog with Two Tails, catering is relaxed and easy. Your event can take place with the food, coffee and drinks all organised to get the fun and creativity flowing.


How do you need us to set it up for you? Bark! is a room with a stage at one end. We have 28 seats for Bark! and more in Dog with Two Tails. We have 4 coffee tables and 7 collapsable tables that we can set up for you. Here are some ways that we could set it up for you:



There’s a projector that can be used for slides or video. We have a VGA cable that will connect to the projector.

Sound system

We have a sound system that can be set up to play music (using a 3.5mm jack or over wifi). We have 2 microphones with stands.


If you’re having a dinner, we can organise a menu for you. Here’s an example menu.


The walls in Bark! are a warm red. It is otherwise kept plain in order to allow for tailored decoration. If you’d like to decorate the place for a special occasion in a non-destructive fashion, you’re welcome to do so. We just need you to return it to how it was.

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Please let us know as much as you can about the function and what you need for us to help you make it a success.