Ever noticed how every coffee company sources the best green beans from the best estates and cooperatives in the World and roasts to perfection making it the best blah, like everyone else?

Well, we have decent coffee. We used to import our own beans, but now we get our coffee from Vanguard Speciality Coffee Co. where Jason does all the hard work.



This is Jason Moore of Vanguard. He roasts coffee. When we were looking for a supplier, we thought we'd have to go to Wellington to get decent enough coffee for the Dog, then we found a World-class roaster on our doorstep. You can tell he's good because he has a poster of a flavour wheel on his wall.

Latte pour


The beans don't just out of the bag and into your coffee cup. We need a caffeinated superhero to squeeze that coffee juice out of those beans. Our baristas are all going through a rigorous training programme to be able to drive this machine. Once they pass they'll get moustaches and tattoos of coffee paraphenalia on their forearms.

To become a coffee superhero yourself, get hold of this barista manual

Coffe n Muffin.jpg

Third Best Coffee in the Southern Hemisphere

Let the others fight over who's got the best coffee. What we care about is what you guys think. After all, somebody has to pay for that expensive espresso machine and separate grinders for black espresso, milk espresso coffee, and a third one to grind your beans for home use. Please let us know if it was a good for you as it was for us.