Dishes can be adapted to most dietary preferences on request
All eggs, meat and even our veggies are happy and free range
Everything is made onsite

Breakfast (available 8am-2:30pm)

Toasted Muesli – with Maple, Walnut, Berry Compote & Coconut Yoghurt (V.) $9.5
Coconut French Toast – with Poached Pear & Maple Syrup $15
– add Bacon $4
Eggs on Toast – two Free Range Eggs Poached or Scrambled on Sourdough (G.F.o) $9
Omelette of 3 eggs – with today’s special fillings & Salad Greens (G.F.) $16
The Dog’s Breakfast – Poached Eggs, Sourdough, BBQ Beans,Pork, Apple, & Herb Sausage, Streaky Bacon & Hash Brown (G.F.o) $22
Big Vege Breakfast – Mushrooms, Hash Brown, Roast Tomatoes, Spinach, BBQ Beans, Sourdough & Cashew Sour Cream
(V., G.F.o) $19 – add Eggs $4

Sides – Sausage, Bacon, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Beans, Hash Browns $4
– Spinach, Hollandaise, Eggs, Sourdough $2

All Day Menu (available from 11am-9pm)

Curly Fries – served with Aioli or Tomato Sauce (V., G.F.o) $9
Soup of the Day – served piping hot with Fresh Sourdough (V., G.F.o) $10
Tempeh Salad – marinated in Moroccan Spices with Grilled Eggplant,
Tabouli, Spinach, Hummus & Cashew Sour Cream (V., G.F.) $19
Falafel Burger – Spicy Chickpea Patty with Dressed Red Slaw, Chimichurri & Hummus (V., G.F.o) $16
Chicken Burger – marinated in Smoky BBQ flavours with Pineapple, Dressed Red Slaw, Aioli & Hummus (G.F.o) $17
Angus Beef Burger – with Beetroot Relish, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce & Aioli (G.F.o) $17
Seafood Chowder – with Fresh Green Lipped Mussels, Salmon & Sourdough (G.F.o) $17
Fish of the Day – with Roast Gourmet Potatoes, Spinach, Veges & Caper Mayo (G.F.) $19
Organic Lamb Salad – marinated in Moroccan spices, with Tabouli, Cherry Tomatoes, Salad & Caramelised Red Onion Dressing (G.F.) $19

Evening Menu (available 5pm-9pm)

Garlic Bread – served with Hummus (V., G.F.o) $8
Curly Fries – served with Aioli or Tomato Sauce (V., G.F.o) $9
Devils on Horseback – served with Chili Jam (G.F.) $9
Hazelnut Dukkah – served with fresh Sourdough & Olive Oil (V, G.F.o) $9
Beer Battered Mushrooms – served with Aioli (V.) $9
Beer Battered Brie Cheese – served with Aioli $10

All Eggs, Meat and even our Veges are Happy and Free Range


Sassy Red $8
Amber Ale 4.5%

Three Wolves $8
Pale Ale 5.1%

Steinlager Pure $8.5
Lager 5%

Steinlager Mid
Lager 2.5% $7.5

German Pilsner 5% $8

Apple or Pear 5% 330ml Bottle $8

Forbidden Cider Co.
Hopzilla – NZ Organic Hopped Cider 5.6%
500ml Bottle $13

Craft Beer

Emerson’s – Dunedin

Pilsner 4.9% – On Tap 12Oz $6
Fruity NZ style Pilsner Pint $9.5

Brewer’s Reserve – On Tap Inquire At The Bar
A new Beer every 3 months

Book Binder 3.7% 500ml Bottle $13
Classic English Ale

London Porter 5% 500ml Bottle $13
Malty Dark Ale

Limited Release:

Bird Dog 7% 500ml Bottle $13
Indian Pale Ale

Daredevil 6.6% 500ml Bottle $16

JP 6.3% 500ml Bottle $16
2014 Saison, Belgian Style

Southern Clam Stout 6% 500ml Bottle $16

Taieri George 6.8% 500ml Bottle $16
Spiced Ale

The Rapture 6.8% 500ml Bottle $16
Black IPA

Garage Project – Wellington

Aro Noir 7% 650ml Bottle $17
Pitch black, full flavored Stout 330ml Can $9

API 6.0% 330ml Can $9
Reverse IPA

Beer 4.8% 330ml Can $9
Good Old Fashioned Beer done well

Death From Above 7.5% 330ml Can $9
Indochine Pale Ale

Hãpi Daze 4.6% 330ml Can $9
Hāpi, the Māori word for Hop

Pernicious Weed 8% 330ml Can $10
Imperial IPA

Pils ‘n’ Thrills 5.5% 330ml Can $9
European Pilsner with Citrus
American Hops

Red Zepellin 5% 330ml Can $9
Hopped Red Pilsner

Limited Release:

Day Of The Dead 6.7% 330ml Can $12
Black Larger with Chipotle Chili

La Calavera Catrina 6.9% 330ml Can $12
Blond Larger with Rose Water & Chili

Rosé de la Vallée 9% 650ml Bottle $20
Pale Pilsner infused with Pinot juice

Sauvin Nouveau 8.5% 650ml Bottle $20
Sauvignon Blanc Grape Harvest Pilsner

Red Rocks 6.5% 650ml Bottle $20
Ruby Red Ale

Specialty Beers Are Available Upon Request

White Wine

Sauvignon Blanc
Trinity Hill
Hawkes Bay, NZ – Hints of stone-fruit,
citrus & gooseberry Glass $8.50
Bottle $38

Lake Chalice
Marlborough, NZ – Bold flavours of passionfruit & berry. Crisp & well rounded Glass $10
Bottle $40

Morton Estate
Gisborne, NZ – Creamy stone-fruit &
subtle citrus characters Glass $8.50
Bottle $40

Marisco Bastard
Marlborough, NZ – An elegant Chardonnay featuring white peach, ripe citrus
& a nuance of spicy oak Bottle $45

Brookfields Pinot Gris
Hawkes Bay, NZ – An off-dry, aromatic palate & lively acidity followed by delicate notes of pear & honeysuckle with a crisply fresh aftertaste
Glass $9
Bottle $42

Wither Hills Riesling
Marlborough, NZ – Dry yet vibrant acidity featuring lime citrus, ginger & apple Glass $8.50
Bottle $35

Lindauer Piccolo $9
Bottle $30

Red Wine

Morton Estate
Hawkes Bay, NZ – A thick wine with dark plum, chocolate & a subtle savoury character Glass $8.50
Bottle $35

Syrah Grenache
Languedoc, Southern France – Strong red berries with lingering tannins, rich & velvety to
the finish Glass $9
Bottle $40

Pinot Noir
Roaring Meg
Central Otago, NZ – Flavours of fine red berry and dry herb, finished with a lingering oak Glass $10
Bottle $45

Cabernet Sauvignon
Angus The Bull
Central Victoria, Australia – Inky in colour, with strong ripe fruit flavours & a subtle hint of oak Glass $9
Bottle $40

Sun-Dried Malbec
Hawkes Bay, NZ – Dense, spicy & boldly styled, with a lingering velvety mouthfeel.
Hand harvested grapes sun-dried on special racks for three weeks contribute enhanced aromatics & extra-concentrated flavours. 
Bottle $48

Gisborne, NZ – Floral notes with a strong hint of strawberry & boiled lollies Glass $9
Bottle $40

Traditional (served diluted)
Absente 55%
France $15

Koruna 73%
Czech Republic $18

Cardrona Distillery, NZ
The Reid Single Malt Vodka 44% $14
Rose Rabbit Orange Liqueur 44.8% $14
The Source Gin 44% $14


Bombay Sapphire, England 40% $9
Use of a Carterhead Still to pass the alcohol vapors through ten botanicals produces a light & floral flavour profile.

Chase Distillery – Williams Elegant Gin,
England 48% $11
Crisp notes of Citrus & Juniper, lingering warm Spice.

Four Pillars, Australia 41.8% $13
Intense Juniper, Cardamon, Pepper & Anise followed by soft Cinnamon & Lavender.

Gin Mare, Spain 42.7% $16
Unusual usage of Olive, Rosemary, Basil & Thyme give this gin a memorable yet subtle flavour.

Hendrick’s, Scotland44% $13
Rose Petal & Cucumber, slightly aromatic & silky smooth.

MGC Dry, Australia 42% $12
Complex, spicy & fragrant.

Rogue Society, NZ 40% $11
Smooth & crisp with a long textured finish.

Rogue Society-Goldilocks, NZ 57% $16
Copper lingers due to a classic still. Smooth & elegant, glacial water adds a fresh punch.

Monkey 47 Sloe Gin, Germany 29% $18
Mix of earthy, tangy juniper with rich, sweet red berries. Very refined & balanced. Hints of almond. Nutty tart finish.

Tanqueray-Rangpur, England 41.3% $16
Richly aromatic with lovely floral lime flavours & subtle juniper as well as other botanicals.

The Botanist, Islay, Scotland 46% $13
Rich & mellow, cool on entry, warm with luxurious Citrus.

Whitley Neil, London 42% $11
Restrained Juniper gives way to notes of Coriander, Orange Peel & Gooseberry.

Single Malt Whisky

Ardbeg 10yr $12
Nose: Vanilla, peat capped with citrus fruits & sea spray.
Palate: Sweet vanilla, balanced with lemon and lime
followed by a surge of smoke.
Finish: Long, sea salted caramel & smoke.

Bunnahabhain 12yr $12
Nose: Fresh & sweet with Seaweed & malt.
Palate: Soft Sherry notes & nutty. A little sweetness, malty, juicy sultanas. Slightly coastal.
Finish: Sherried, mochaccino, herbal, balanced salty tang.

Caol Ila 12yr $14
Nose: Peppermint leaves, damp grass & smoke.
Palate: Good body, oily, tar, elegant smoke & hints of boiled sweets.
Finish: Long, peppery, spicy warmth & smoke.

Lagavulin 16yr $17
Nose: One of the smokiest noses from Islay. Iodine, sweet spices, mature sherry & vanilla.
Palate: Very thick & rich. Malt & sherry with fruity sweetness. Big, powerful peat & oak.
Finish: Long, spicy finish, figs, dates, peat smoke & vanilla.

Laphroaig An Cuan Mor $18
Nose: Sweet & rounded with figs, honey & traces of vanilla balanced by a thick, deep sooty side & dried seaweed. Also Leather & almonds with some peppery hints too.
Palate: Very medicinal. Plenty of iodine, bonfires & burnt sugar. Earthy notes, plenty of ginger & pepper. A faint sweet edge of honeyed nuts & liquorice.
Finish: Long, lots of sweet peat, soot & louder oak.

Laphroaig 10yr $13
Nose: Smoky muscular peat notes. Salt, spices, & licorice. Classic iodine & cool wood smoke.
Palate: Seaweed with hints of vanilla ice cream. Big oak & spices develop, cardamon/black pepper.
Finish: Big and drying, as the savoury, tarry notes build up with an iodine complexity.

Laphroaig Quarter Cask $16
Nose: Oily & buttery nose, toffee, nuttiness, hickory, rum & raisin ice cream and zest.
Palate: A rush of sweetness, with fiery chilli heat, sweet cereals and a touch of cola.
Finish: Good length, becoming fruity with custard and cigar smoke.

Laphroaig Triple Wood $17
Nose: Molasses & oily toffee. Dates, walnuts, notes from the Maker’s Mark barrels (vanilla, toastiness, sweetness etc). Butter, zest, cool wood smoke, almond, and passion fruit.
Palate: Dry & medicinal, with exotic spices. Think musty wood sheds & moist autumnal leaves. Iced fruitcake with hints of Laphroaig’s classic smoke.
Finish: Oaked. The mustiness carries into the finish which lasts for a good while. Oily spices & dried fruit.

Laphroaig Select $18
Nose: Classic medicinal peat notes up front with citrus & chocolatey sweet notes & soft barley.
Palate: The peat is there, but light with bright notes of lemon, green apples & mint.
Finish: Medium length, peat remaining to the end.

Port Askaig 12yr $15
Nose: Sandy & salty on the nose leading to briny peat notes.
Palate: Medium body leading to citrus flavors dominating the palate.
Finish: Persistent waves of peat.

Macleod’s Islay 8yr (house) $9
Nose: Quite smoky, some lovely maritime notes, the peat is quite evident if a little spirity.
Palate: Full and well-balanced. Notes of sultanas, mixed peels, peat smoke & kelp.
Finish: The oak develops continuing into smoke.

Jura 16yr $14
Nose: Fragrant & floral, increasingly creamy with a hint of orange. Nuts, redcurrant, apple & finally dark chocolate & spice.
Palate: Oily & resinous with sweet tobacco, nuts, clove & chocolate. Rich and round.
Finish: Drying, fragrant oak. After a few sips some chocolate lingers too.

Scapa 12yr $13
Nose: Floral with dry grass and leafy aromas. Hints of citrus fruits and a spicy, wooden edge.
Palate: Dry & peppery. Cedar & pine wood flavors with a delicate fruitiness developing.
Finish: Nutty with a lingering milk chocolate edge.

Talisker 1oyr $14
Nose: Thick, pungent smoke. Notes of kippers, seaweed & apple. Fresh & fragrant.
Palate: Full bodied with huge plumes of smoke & volcanic, peppery peat. Intense.
Finish: Long finish with barley & malt.

Talisker Dark Storm $16
Nose: Smoky bacon, black pepper & red chili, a touch of orchard fruit & golden malt.
Palate: Huge oak influence, with a big burst of smoke on the palate. Beyond that, citrus & fresh honey.
Finish: A very long finish with honey-roasted nuts.

Tobermory 10yr $14
Nose: Light and fresh, barley sugars & toasted cereals, hints of spice and a soft oak. Salty melted butter and ground ginger.
Palate: Sweet & light. There are notes of honey & a soft oak, the smoke and peppers rise gently with a touch of dried fruit and peel & cinnamon.
Finish: Long & herbal with a touch of pepper.

Cardhu 12yr $12
Nose: Good body, decent sweetness & richness. Streaks of smoke, apple peels & bruised pears.
Palate: Smooth, rounded, gentle sweetness, soft peat. A little whisper of smoke.
Finish: Long, dry smoke, malty with a touch of peat.

Cragganmore 12yr $12
Nose: Aromatic & floral. Heather, fruit salad, creamy texture. Smoked almonds.
Palate: Rich with honey, stone fruits, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds & berries.
Finish: Smoky, good length, delicate peppery spice.

The Glenlivet 12yr $12
Nose: Sweet creamy vanilla, honey, pineapple, apples & a little cinnamon.
Palate: Apple, fresh & fruity trifle & creamy citrus.
Finish: Long with almonds & apple.

Glenfiddich 12yr $11
Nose: Grain. Slightly floral, mineral. Spirity with orchard fruit, malty & honey. Citrus develops.
Palate: Light, floral, spices. Very smooth.
Finish: Sweet, touch of oak & general fruit, oily.
Overall: Stereotypical Speyside. Consistent – a good benchmark.

Glenfiddich 18yr $19
Nose: Loads of fruit. Zesty grapefruit & toffee apples. Dry, chocolate, cinnamon & wood.
Palate: Candied fruits & freshness balances richer notes of dried apricot, more cinnamon with toffee, ginger & Sherry.
Finish: Orange peels & a touch of salted toffee.

The Balvenie 12yr $15
Nose: Gristy, supple nuttiness & grapes.
Palate: Sweet with good body. The bourbon characters develop; gentle spice with a little vanilla & a balancing peat lurking quietly below.
Finish: Dry, spicy, beautifully warming.

Dalmore 15yr $17
Nose: Chocolate orange. Potpourri, perfumed. Fruitcake, sherry.
Palate: Medium, lovely delivery. Zesty orange, Blue Curaçao & chocolate. Winter spice &ginger. Hints of anise & a little hickory.
Finish: Malty barley and smoky espresso.

Glengoyne 10yr $12
Nose: Slightly herbal, big bourbon influence.fruity.
Palate: Rich barley with bourbon influence. Clean & dry.
Finish: Long, barley rich.

Glenmorangie 10yr $12
Nose: Very fruity & thick. Rich notes of lemon, nectarine & apple. Spices.
Palate: Fresh and balanced, vanilla. Boiled sweets, very creamy, tiramisu, toffee.
Finish: Quite long, gentle, malty & very fruity.

Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or 12yr $15
Nose: Lime & orange rinds, sultanas, dates & coconut with a good barley sweetness.
Palate: Dessert wine notes, but with cereal & barley, a touch of malty spice & berry fruits with good oaky tannins & little herbal notes.
Finish: Long with a good oaked note, lemon zest & traces of ginger & nutmeg.

Oban 14yr $15
Nose: Rich & smokey. Medicinal with notes of the sea & seaweed. Notes of cut hay and wood smoke rising with a gentle sweetness.
Palate: Thick & full. Notes of citrus with smooth sweetness. The smoke wafts with a hint of seaweed. Rich with oak with cereal & malt.
Finish: Good length with fruit & dry oak.

Strathisla 12yr $15
Nose: Soft oak & hints of candied peel. A little floral character with notes of spice & Danish pastries.
Palate: Malty core with notes of sultanas & cinnamon pastries. Allspice, cooked apple & mince pies.
Finish: Long finish. Very fruity.

The Macallan Amber 1824 Series $17
Nose: Soft aromatic vanilla, lemon and barley with hints of ginger. Milk chocolate & hints of Raisins.
Palate: Surprisingly thick and fruity compared to the nose. Sultanas, dates, apple peels & cinnamon. Cereal notes on the mid-palate, joined by crumbly shortbread.
Finish: Fragrant oak finish, with fruit mince pie notes lingering.

Glenkinchie 12yr $13
Nose: Quite light yet fragrant. Notes of fresh cereal & grist, some barley sweetness & a nutty note. Honey creeps in with gentle warmth.
Palate: Very fruity with notes of Madeira & sweet stewed fruits. A hint of calvados & tannic oak lining the mouth. There is a freshness and roundness to this dram.
Finish: Medium length with notes of cereal & a fresh greenness.

New Zealand
The 1987 26yr $27
Nose: Clean and vibrant, with citrus.
Palate: Lemon rind marmalade, a big chili hit, some dark chocolate and raisin, and a sharp woody, pleasant conclusion.
Finish: A particularly smooth and elegant finish.

South Island Single Malt 21yr $18
Nose: Coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, toffee, toasted oak, vanilla & stewed pears.
Palate: Pears, vanilla, toffee, a little bit of cocoa with a lovely mouthfeel.
Finish: Long slightly floral & chocolatey.

Soft Drinks

Karma Range
Karma Cola $5
Gingerella $5
Lemmy Lemonade $5

Aroha Range
Sparkling Elderflower $5
Sparkling Rhubarb $5
Sparkling Blackcurrant $5

Orange, Cranberry,
Apple, Pineapple,
Grapefruit, Tomato $3.5

Coke, Lemonade,
Soda, Tonic, Ginger Ale $3

Blackberry & Peach $6.5
Raspberry, Apricot & Yogurt $6.5


Black Tea

Earl Grey

Green Tea

Japanese Lime
Lemon & Ginger

Herbal Tea

Grapefruit & Bitter Lemon
Lemon Citrus
Otago Summer Fruits
Vanilla Rooibos

Tea For One $4
Tea For Two $5.5